What are your Real IT Needs?

Real IT Needs
Determining your organization’s IT needs seems simple. Most people think all they need is:

  • Support for all of your end users
  • Appropriately address your high maintenance users
  • Support for your infrastructure and network
  • Answer any of your questions
  • Immediate access to all levels of support
  • Make your network as fast as possible
  • Set up new users quickly and get it right on the first try
  • Secure your network from infection or invasion
  • Prevent problems, not cause them
  • Give you an answer and give it to you fast

When we sit down and dig deeper, we reveal the true needs of organizations. It could be that they require additional after hours support for senior management, require disaster recovery and business continuity solutions with stringent HIPAA requirements, or they’re looking for an all inclusive price because they don’t want to be surprised by projects.

It could be they have a home office they want covered but they are afraid to ask. Or that they don’t want to deal with IT budgets, planning, procurement, vendor management and selection, projects, outsourcing, development or business process automation.

Meteor Managed prides itself on discovering the true needs of our clients, being smart and flexible enough to meet those needs, and delivering our services at a price that provides value.

Read more at http://managedit.meteormanaged.com or contact us today to start a conversation.

We’re ready to help you define and satisfy your true IT needs.

Mike Kozak
President – Meteor Managed

Let’s Catch Up and Solve Your Problems…

We should talk soon. I’m confident that we’re able to help.

You probably have projects sitting on the back burner or a gap in your support right now. You don’t have the time, the resources, you don’t know where to start, or you don’t know what it will cost to make things right. It can be enough to keep you up at night.

Let us help. We’re happy to talk about whatever you need. We love technology and enabling people to clear any hurdles or just answer any questions you may have.

We want to show you that we are experts, we are flexible, we know how to deliver value at some of the best FLAT RATE prices in the industry, and we can make your headaches (and nightmares) go away.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, non-profit, or an IT Director. You are sure to get something out of it.

Let me know if you’d like to put a few minutes on the calendar to speak on the phone or meet up and I am certain Meteor Managed can provide you with the answers you need.

Mike Kozak
Office. 718-717-2032

Meteor Managed Innovation

Meteor Managed Innovation

Meteor Managed Desk

The Problem

When we were founding Meteor Managed, Inc., we wanted to help our clients and partners not simply manage their IT systems but change the way that small and medium businesses consume and rely on technology as a whole.  Too many SMB’s and Not-for-Profit organizations are only able to get so far with technology — putting a band-aid on the problem — that they aren’t able to take the next steps towards lowering costs and growing with the help of technology.

The Cost of Standing Still

Even before our first signed agreements for Meteor Managed I.T. customers, we knew there was a better way to handle a lot of our own administrative processes.  Just bringing a new customer onboard could be a lot of work.  After an initial IT assessment with a perspective client, our basic steps would be:

  • Complete a Proposal.
  • Complete an Agreement.
  • Email or Print and Deliver Agreement.
  • Discuss and negotiate agreement.
  • Make changes to agreement.
  • Email or Print and Deliver Agreement.
  • Client would sign and scan, or print, sign and scan.
  • Receive, print, sign and scan.

At this point, we haven’t even begun to collect information about Authorized Users, Ticket Submission Process, Emergency access, and a whole lot more. 

The average administrative onboarding for a Managed IT client, industry-wide, is over 40 hours. 

Those hours come with a cost and that cost is our time.  And our clients and partners would rather our time and money be spent on providing them with the best IT services possible.  Not shuffling papers.

Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead

We designed and built an automation platform that worked for all our current and future needs.  The current administrative onboarding of a Meteor Managed I.T. client is now dropped to under 2 hours.  Not only does this save us money, but it saves us time and recovers productivity.  We built our platform to scale for us and made sure it integrates with all of the tools, products, and services we use so that we can continue to identify business problems or time-soaks and eliminate them.

By automating, streamlining processes, and taking steps forward with technology, we are now able to spend more time with our customer on IMPORTANT interactions, ensuring that they also have a technology roadmap that helps them concentrate on what is important to their business, while eliminating busy work, recurring issues, integrating platforms and building towards an agile and scalable workflow. 

How you would spend your time if your organization could eliminate the headaches and automate the busy work?  Send us an email at info@meteormanaged.com or give us a call at 718-717-2032 and we’ll make sure you find that time.